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Zhong Shan Bei Yi Lu
2000 Shanghai
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WNDIESEL are specialized in complete engines and parts. Such as crankshaft, cylinder head, cylinder block, camshaft, con rod, cylinder liner, Piston and so on. We help our customers to achieve success in a competitive market by offering original parts made by domestic joint ventures with the most favorable prices. WNDIESEL has an excellent well-trained team of professionals who have been serving with dedication and satisfying our clients for last many years. WNDIESEl has long been committed to providing perfect after-sales service and put the customer satisfaction in the first priority. We have always believed that only the user success can ensure the success of us. Spirit of company: • People-oriented • Morality First • Striving for quality • Continuous creation Our Mission: • Integrate Resources and strive for perfection

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    • Cummins engine
    • Cummins diesel engine
    • Cummins marine engine
    • Deutz engine motor
    • Filerguard Mann Donaldson

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