carryup elecric pallet truck 판매용 - 중국

1,250 USD
1,250 USD


제품군로우 리프터(승강대 포함)
제작사/모델carryup elecric pallet truck
사용시간8 h
추가 선택신품
마스쿠스 ID7820F670


화폐 선택
가격1,763,756   (1,250 USD)
부가세 포함 가격-


동력 형식전기
인양력 1,500 kg
인양 높이200 mm
프리 리프트2,000 mm
엔진 출력0.64 kW (1 마력)
배터리 전압24 볼트
배터리 용량75 Ah
CBD15J- Smart
Fork width 550/685
Fork Length 1150/1220
Battery 24V/75AH

Low noise, low energy consumption, Every day only 2KWh.
Permanent magnet drive motor make clear structure and easy to do maintenance
Stepless speed regulating is easy to operation and maintenance.
Built-in charger is standard. Battery open Design,easy to replacement.
Small body, suitable for narrow space.
Sealed batteries free of maintenance, safe operation and no pollution.
Automatic lifting limit, safety, energy saving.
Emergency reversing device and Emergency brake switch are standard.

Hangzhou Carry Equipment Co.,Ltd

Carry-up is a top-notch professional manufacturer of warehouse equipment, include hand pallet truck, electric pallet truck, manual stacker, electric stacker, electric reach truck ,electric forklift,diesel /gasoline/FGY forklift,and all kinds of work platform. Carry-up is widely recognized for its innovation and its consistent ability to improve warehouse operations. accumulating more than 20 years of production experience and development.

Our factory is located in the suburbs of Ningbo,and start production warehouse equipment from the beginnings of 1983, Our OEM business cover 100 countries and regions, provide customers with best value more than 30 years at the position as the Chinese leader in electric warehouse equipment. as the proven expertise developing material handling solutions that increase efficiencies and boost productivity.

99% of our core components are developed and manufactured by ourselves, including key parts like motors, power steering, drive units, hydraulic units and electronic modules. while most other factory only assemble different components that they bought. As this big difference, it is much easy for us to control the quality and offer parts supply.

The brand “CARRY-UP” was established in early 21st century, to offer high service we put our sales headquarters in Hangzhou, which in near with our factory and recruit more high-quality sales staff, besides offer consistent and exceptional quality of our machines, we offer complete high sales service, like offer professional product introductions and Solutions, and develop a standardized and transparent distribution network, to make after-sales service and parts supply much more easy. Our mission is to make our brand “CARRY-UP” be the most innovative and reliable. Providing you with the highest reliability in your daily operations and the best quality.

Carry-Up is mainly engaged in the research, production and sales of light industrial trucks and electric storage vehicles. These Industrial vehicles are a major part of our business and are one of the most important research topics for the machinery engineers, no doubt an important equipment in all warehouse logistics. The mechanical production of pallet truck is used for warehousing, loading and unloading and the drive system can be internal combustion, battery or manual powered. Different from construction machinery vehicles, the applicable field of Industrial vehicles is very broad, its usable in manufacturing, logistics, construction, military systems, textile industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, energy industry, and many other industries. These Industrial vehicles can greatly save manpower cost, improve labor efficiency, and enlarge market space.
Hangzhou Carry Equipment Co.,Ltd
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마스쿠스 코리아에서[Other] carryup elecric pallet truck 로우 리프터(승강대 포함)를 찾을 수 있습니다. 이 [Other] carryup elecric pallet truck의 가격은 ₩1,763,756와 제품생산 2017에 근거합니다.이 기계는 - 중국에 위치하여 있습니다 .에서 [Other] carryup elecric pallet truck를 찾을 수 있으며 또한 더 많은 기타 모델의 로우 리프터(승강대 포함)도 찾을 수 있습니다. 세부정보 - 재고번호: CBD15J, 제조번호: CBD15J, 동력 형식: 전기, 사용시간: 8 h, 인양력: 1,500 kg, 인양 높이: 200 mm, 프리 리프트: 2,000 mm, 엔진: MOTOR, 엔진 출력: 0.64 kW (1 마력), 배터리 전압: 24 볼트, 배터리 용량: 75 Ah