Dancover Storage Shelter 7x7x2,5x4,2m Lagertelt

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제작사/모델Dancover Storage Shelter 7x7x2,5x4,2m Lagertelt
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마스쿠스 ID2786E081
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Width: 7,00 m.
Length: 7,00 m.
Side height: 2,50 m.
Ridge height: 4,20 m.
Roof cover: Strong PVC 600 g/m²
Sidewalls: Strong PVC 600 g/m²
Frame: Hot-dip galvanised steel
Tubes / fittings: 48x3,5 mm / 39x3,3 mm
Colour: White / Grey
Fire safety: BS 5438:1989 2B Certificate
UV-resistant: UV-resistant
Water resistance: 100% Waterproof
Weight: 1018 kg.
Box dimensions: Box 1: 125.0 x 73.0 x 230.0 cm.
Box 2: 65.0 x 40.0 x 105.0 cm.
Included: Strong stake pegs

- One of our most popular storage shelters
- Engineered and designed for storage of machines and materials
- Tube diameter: 48 mm - 3,5 mm thickness (bearing construction)
- The shelter is secured with stake pegs
- Easy to assemble
- Mechanical gate cover with strong Velcro closings
- Gate size: 3.00 x 3.00 m (H x W)
- The shelter is delivered with one gate as standard
- Measurements: Width x Length x Side height x Height (ridge)

The bearing construction of our Titanium shelters is made of strong 48 mm warm galvanized tubes. The tubes come with a rust-preventing surface treatment to ensure the expected long life span of the product.
Its is a fully galvanized structure, assembled with heavy duty bolts and nuts.

Warm galvanized, rust-preventing surface treatment. The frame consists of 13 vertical tubes as well as wind crosses in steel for the sides and the end walls.
The shelter is secured with the supplied stake pegs.

Our Titanium tarpaulin is made of state of the art PVC. The 3 layer rip-stop construction lacquered on both sides gives maximum strength and prevents the canvas from cracking. The tarpaulin is UV resistant and has a skirt of approximately 1 meter to be dug into the ground to stop the wind. The tarpaulin is grey on the sides. The roof section is made white to offer a comfortable and light environment inside the shelter.

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